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Ultrasonic Cleaners Ultrasonic Cleaners Ultrasonic Cleaner Elmasonic SH500EL

Ultrasonic Cleaner Elmasonic SH500EL Elmasonic SH500EL

Length: Width: Depth: Volume:
12.90 in. 11.80 in. 7.90 in. 5.00 gal.
Heater Timer Drain Sweep
  • Electronic time and temperature control
  • Strong cleaning at 37 kHz
  • Run dry safe heating
  • Quick degassing (Degas/Autodegas)
  • Electronic sound field oscillation (Sweep)

Three ultrasonic modes, Extra Power
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Ultrasonic Cleaner for Commercial Cleaning Operations


  • Electronic time and temperature control
  • Strong cleaning at 37 kHz
  • Run dry safe heating
  • Quick degassing (Degas/Autodegas)
  • Electronic sound field oscillation (Sweep)



Heater: Thermostatically adjustable heater.

Benefit: Improves cleaning effectiveness; required for removal of grease and oil.

Sweep frequency mode

Sweep frequency: Continuous slight variation of ultrasonic frequency to eliminate hot spots, dead zones, and standing waves. 

Benefit: Provides uniform and thorough cleaning.  Prevents damage to electronic components.

Degas Mode

Degas Mode: Intermittent operation of ultrasonic power for rapid removal of entrained air from liquids.

Benefit: Since cleaning does not start until air isremoved from cleaning fluid,this mode speeds up air removal and gets cleaning started faster. Also degasses solvents.


Drain: Drain with valve for easy removal of fluid from tank. 

Benefit:  Simplifies maintenance.


Led Display: Steady LED indicates set time and/or set temp. Flashing LED indicates remaining time and/or actual temp.

Benefit: Allows quick and easy monitoring of process status.

Normal or Fixed frequency mode

Normal mode: Operates at fixed ultrasonic frequency. 

Benefit: Aids in mixing, dissolving, and dispersing samples.


Organizations that depend on fast, efficient ultrasonic cleaning will appreciate the capabilities and 5-gallon capacity of these superbly constructed SH500EL ultrasonic tanks from They represent more than four decades of experience in designing and building ultrasonic cleaning equipment and contain features companies like yours find most valuable to increasing throughput and customer satisfaction.


Ultrasonic tanks for fast, efficient cleaning


Control is the operative word for SH500EL ultrasonic cleaning tanks. One look at the intuitive control panel tells you why. The only thing these tanks won’t do is tell you what type of biodegradable ultrasonics cleaning solution you should use. Once you’ve mixed the solution and added it to the 5-gallon tank’s fill line you simply:


  1. Activate the auto-degas function to remove entrained air (in 10 minutes).
  2. Position the workload in the mesh baskets (available separately).
  3. Turn the temperature knob to the desired solution temperature from 30°to 80°C in 5°C increments. Actual and set temperatures are displayed by converging LEDs and the unit will start when the set temperature is reached. (Or you can manually start the unit.)
  4. Set the cleaning time up to 30 minutes or permanently on. LEDs show the set and remaining time. The unit will stop when the cycle is completed (or at the end of 12 hours).
  5. Lower the basket into the solution and activate the sweep mode to evenly distribute cavitation action throughout the bath.


You’ll note that minimum supervision is required for operating SH500EL ultrasonic tanks. This releases you and your team to handle other responsibilities. Once the cleaning cycle is completed, remove and rinse the workload. Parts are ready for reassembly or further processing.


More benefits from choosing SH500EL ultrasonic tanks


  • Precision German construction
  • Simultaneous LED display of set and actual temp and time
  • A 2-year warranty that enhances your investment
  • Cavitation-resistant stainless steel tank for a long service life
  • Easily cleaned, colorful stainless steel exterior
  • Noise-reducing top doubles as a drain tray
  • Convenient side-mounted solution drain knob facilitates solution changes
  • Ergonomic handles for easy relocation
  • Comes with the tank and lid and complete operating instructions
  • Optional stainless steel baskets and other accessories are available


Questions? Contact the ultrasonic cleaning experts at iUltrasonic.


We’ll help you select the right sized ultrasonic equipment, the correct biodegradable cleaning solution concentrates and operating procedures to get the highest productivity possible from your ultrasonic cleaner investment.

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