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Ultrasonic Cleaners Ultrasonic Cleaners Ultrasonic Cleaner Elmasonic S025EL

Ultrasonic Cleaner Elmasonic S025EL Elmasonic S025EL

Length: Width: Depth: Volume:
7.50 in. 3.30 in. 2.40 in. 0.25 gal.
Timer Sweep
  • Small unit with impressive power
  • For solvent degassing, sample prep and cleaning small parts
  • Sweep provides evenly distributed ultrasonic action
  • Electronic time control to 30 minutes or permanent on
  • Extremely easy to use

Three ultrasonic modes, Extra Power

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Versatile Compact Ultrasonic Cleaner for Sample Prep and Cleaning


  • Small unit with impressive power
  • For solvent degassing, sample prep and cleaning small parts
  • Sweep provides evenly distributed ultrasonic action
  • Electronic time control to 30 minutes or permanent on
  • Extremely easy to use


Degas Mode

Degas Mode: Intermittent operation of ultrasonic power for rapid removal of entrained air from liquids.

Benefit: Since cleaning does not start until air isremoved from cleaning fluid,this mode speeds up air removal and gets cleaning started faster. Also degasses solvents.

Sweep frequency mode

Sweep frequency: Continuous slight variation of ultrasonic frequency to eliminate hot spots, dead zones, and standing waves. 

Benefit: Provides uniform and thorough cleaning.  Prevents damage to electronic components.

Normal or Fixed frequency mode

Normal mode: Operates at fixed ultrasonic frequency. 

Benefit: Aids in mixing, dissolving, and dispersing samples.

Safety shut off

Safety auto-off: Ultrasonic power shuts off automatically after 12 hours of continuous operation. 

Benefit: Protects parts and prevents damage to machine if you forget to turn it off.


These compact S025EL ultrasonic baths from are priced right to handle a variety of tasks in the lab or shop. Requiring only one quart of cleaning solution, they deliver results in quick order, either in preparing samples and degassing solvents or by efficiently removing dirt and other contaminants from complex shaped parts.


Simply mix the cleaning solution concentrate according to directions and add it to the S025EL tank fill line, then activate the degas mode to drive off cavitation inhibiting entrapped air. Place lab samples or parts to be cleaned in the mesh tray (available separately), lower it into the solution, set the timer and push the start button. The auto-sweep function provides an even distribution of ultrasonic cavitation throughout the bath to quickly process specimens and safely clean parts.


Multiple ultrasonic baths for multiple tasks


With performance features found in much larger equipment, these ultrasonic water baths are surprisingly low in cost. This suggests that two or more units can be employed to simultaneously perform various operations in the laboratory where a number of small samples are being prepared, in the shop for handling multiple cleaning tasks or in retail stores for cleaning jewelry or performing other types of customer service.


More about the S025EL ultrasonic baths


  • Precision German construction - small does not mean "cheap"
  • A 2-year warranty that enhances your investment
  • Cavitation-resistant stainless steel tank for a long service life
  • Easily cleaned, colorful stainless steel exterior
  • Noise-reducing top doubles as a drain tray
  • 1 to 30 minute or continuous operation lets you attend to other chores
  • 12-hour auto shutoff
  • Comes with the tank and lid and complete operating instructions
  • Optional stainless steel baskets and other accessories are available


Questions? Contact the ultrasonic cleaning experts at iUltrasonic.


We'll help you select the right sized ultrasonic equipment, the correct biodegradable cleaning solution concentrates and operating procedures to get the highest productivity possible from your ultrasonic cleaner investment.

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